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We offer consulting services in the areas of:

Workflow Analysis – Utility focused with emphasis on network management, maintaining a single version of the truth for the enterprise supporting the digital twin concept. Specialization in Hexagon’s G/Technology Suite. 

Advanced Web and Mobile Applications – Using Progressive Web Apps, PWA, you place the power in the hands of the right user

Programming Services –  (VB,, VB to .NET/CAB  Application conversion, C++, C#, VB Studio,, Oracle APEX, Swift)

Staff Augmentation – Utilizing experienced industry veterans, we offer these critical resources to utilities on a T&M basis. 

Top Talent with an Eye on Industry

Have the best of the best on your side. Our team consists of industry veterans.

Collaborative and Innovative

It takes a team that’s both collaborative and innovative to address today’s complex challenges. 

Unlock Productivity

Our developers and and consultants bring productivity and a commitment to achievement that can be difficult to match “in house”.